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 eu_bpal - (likeneontubing)
03:27pm 16/04/2008
likeneontubing posting in For BPAL fans in Europe
I'm Kate, currently in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. I like very sweet and traditional floral scents. Currently owned bottles of Hope, Faith, Le Serpent Qui Danse, Moon Rose, Lady Macbeth, Spirit of the Komachi Cherry Tree, MB Bloody Mary, MB Underbed, MB Closet, Treat #1, Egg Nog, Gingerbread Poppet, Love's Philosophy, Snow White and a few more imps.

My imps I'm in love with at the moment are London, Black Pearl, Miskatonic U, Midway Resurrected, La Vague, Zombi and Lampades.

I've not been into BPAL long, just a couple of months - but I sure have been through a lot hehe.
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03:01pm 16/04/2008 (UTC)
⌈ the uke dispenser ⌋: [Alice] Boris and Tweedle Twins
Welcome to BPAL LOVE!!!!

We are all addicts, really.
picword: [Alice] Boris and Tweedle Twins
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03:11pm 16/04/2008 (UTC)
seriously - i'm sure it's an obsession!
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02:40pm 17/02/2013 (UTC)
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