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 eu_bpal - (dorkodile)
11:33am 18/05/2008
⌈ the uke dispenser ⌋ posting in For BPAL fans in Europe
New updates at the lab with Dyan Moon and 2 spanking new acts of the Carnival. XD

I'm getting a bottle of the new moon and some imps for myself here and there. Does anybody want to do a group order?
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(no subject)
09:49am 18/05/2008 (UTC)
and maybe I'm a witch lost in time...
There's usually always a big European group order at perfumedwaters. We usually get free shipping from the Lab to us because we order for over $500 so it's cheap!
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(no subject)
09:49am 18/05/2008 (UTC)
⌈ the uke dispenser ⌋
Oh great! Thanks for the heads up!
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Hi :)
08:34am 07/07/2011 (UTC)
I'm in France, would love to do a group order in August if anyone is up for one.
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